Veka Softline 82 MD tarrace doors

Veka Softline 82 MD tarrace doors

High-performing residential door system with 82 mm basic installation depth that lives up to even the highest expectations.

Thermally optimised sash geometry for insulation values of up to Uf = 1.1 W/(m²K).

System-integrated threshold with thermal separation (barrier-free).

Increased exterior wall strengths of 3.5 mm underpin the high quality of the door constructions and ensure excellent quality.

Special sash for residential doors with sash-enclosing panels provide a modern design.

For cover plates of 3 to 4 mm thick – also possible in combination with aluminium panels.

Classic design with elegantly rounded edges.

Available with either rebate seal or centre seal.

Ideal in combination with SOFTLINE 82 window systems.


DECCO 70 tarrace doors

DECCO 70 tarrace doors

Residential door system with 70 mm basic installation depth.

Optimal stability provided by large-scale metal 60x40x2 reinforcements with integrated corner weld joints.

Double continuous seals down to the floor prevent draughts and reduce heat loss.

Classic design with elegantly rounded edges.

Concealed attachment and exchangeable cover profile ensure an attractive appearance.

Aluminium weatherboard guides away driving rain.

Ideal in combination with DECCO 70 window systems.